Dorm Or Apartment

An important decision every student is expected to make before starting out a college life is the decision to stay in a college dorm or arrange for housing outside the campus. However, there are several pros and cons associated with each of these options.

  1. Rent :One of the most important considerations associated with housing is rent. Most financial need packages do include the cost of a dorm room or on-campus housing. However, if you decide to rent a house off-campus, be sure to have enough money to cover for the first and last months rent and other related expences. So, if you are interested in making use of one of those college financial aids, then you better opt in for dorms rather than for rented apartments.
  2. Food : Another important factor you need to consider before choosing any one of these options, is food. Most financial aid packages also provide for school-sponsored food programs so that you can enjoy the luxury of a nutritious food throughout your term. However, you cannot cook on your own since most of the dorms do not allow you to have any type of cooking appliances for use. This however holds possible for rented apartments where you can have everything from refrigerator to microwave and so on but you need to empty your own pockets for most of these.
  3. Privacy : Privacy is something which is almost impossible to find in a dorm life with 3-4 people sharing a single room. Although at times this can be real fun, but when it comes to study time, you might just feel like running out of the campus to find some private space for yourself or you might just keep enjoying the company of your fellow classmates. Apartment dwellers on the other hand can have more privacy and this could be a pro or a con depending upon the social nature of people, whether they enjoy privacy or are more of the social types.
  4. Other Activities : Students living in dorms have much greater scope of enjoying on-campus events, programs and sports. It is a good opportunity for students sharing similar interests to interact and collaborate with each other. Apartment dwellers however cannot enjoy the luxury of such events as these may mean spending extra money on transportation. Although, apartment dwellers do have the advantage of having no time restrictions at the same time enjoying all the benefits and discounts which the on-campus students enjoy.
  5. Financial Aids : Most often the financial aids cover for all the expences related to the facilities provided by the particular college like, college-sponsored foods, housing and other such facilities. This helps in reducing the financial burden on a student. While on the other hand, students staying in rented apartments cannot enjoy such facilities since the financial aids do not cover for off-campusĀ  housing. As a result, such students have to personally bear all their expences.