Money Saving Tips

There are several basic things that find a way into a students life when the time comes for him to enroll for a college education. One of the most important things however is money management. Not all college students can afford to spend lavishly and thus, they need to introduce some basic money saving habits into their routine.

Some important tips that the students can follow to save up on their money are:

  1. Try to find accomodations in on-campus dorms instead of going in for off-campus rented apartments. This way you can reduce your cost of housing. Also there are several financial aid facilities that cover for on-campus housing of a student.
  2. Organize and plan your cost of living. Prepare a monthly budget of all your expences and maintain a record of all the bills, receipts and bank statements. This helps you to keep a tab on your monthly expences.
  3. Avoid getting stuck into debt loans. Most often the credit card companies try to hook college freshmen into buying credit cards. Though, it is not a bad idea to have a credit card, its important that you check out all the things the card covers for you before you can actually go in for one.
  4. Do not buy things which don’t need to be bought immediately. Make smart decisions and do not buy on impulse. Try to be economic with your money. Spend only when you feel an emergent need to do so.
  5. Eat healthy and stay active. Medical expences take up a large part of your hard earned money. Thus, it is very important that you try and avoid falling ill quite often so that you can save up on your medicines.
  6. There are several ways you can save money on campus. Make the best of college events like, freeĀ  passes for movies or bands, participating in economical group trips organized by college rather than long spring breaks and buying second hand textbooks instead of expensive new versions.
  7. Share your food expences with roommates or friends. Cut down on junk food and look out for good deals on your favourite snacks. Find out restaurants which provide self service facility so that you are not required to pay heavy tips to waiters.