Private College Loans

The Private College Loans provide help to cover the educational cost being incurred during one term or one academic year. Such loans are not need-based loans, but depend upon factors, such as creditworthiness and stability of income, residence or employment.

These programs provide deferment options while in school. The private college loans can be applid, for preapproval by phone, fax or mail. They require certification of the enrollment status and/or educational costs by the Excelsior College Financial Aid Office. Repayment must be done to the lender.

Wells Fargo Education Connection Loan, Provided by Wells Fargo Education Financial Services, is the best solution for students at Excelsior College. I t provides borrowing amount up to $7,000 annually. Interest rate is as low as the Prime Rate + 0 percent, and there are no origination, disbursement, or repayment fees.

CitiAssist Loan, Offered by Citibank, having no loan fees, interest is variable and adjusted quarterly.

EXCEL Loan, Offered by Nellie Mae, is suitable for undergraduate students who are in an Excelsior College degree program on at least a half-time basis are eligible to apply for the EXCEL Loan. There are flexible repayment options.

EXCEL GRAD Loan, Provided by Nellie Mae, is for studenst who are half-time, graduate-level enrolled status and possessing satisfactory credit history. Three repayment options are provided.