Scholarship Applications

Filling up an application form is not what applying for a scholarship is all about. It is a long time process and requires a careful and thorough evaluation of the available resources and opportunities. You need to review all your options before you can decide on applying for a particular scholarship. The following tips may help you in preparing to apply for a particular grant or scholarship.

  1. Begin an Early Search : It is always advisable to begin your search for scholarships well in advance so that you have a scope to apply early. This ensures that you have the maximum options available to you, of which you can chose the one that best suits your requirement. If you apply for the scholarships at the last moment, you might end up adjusting with whatever little options that are available to you.
  2. Confirm Your Eligibility : Before you can apply for any scholarship, you should make sure that you are eligible for it. You would not like your application to be rejected because of eligibility issues. So, its better that you go through the requirements of the scholarships before applying for it.
  3. Prepare According to the Sponsor’s Goals: Once you get an idea about the sponsor’s motivation in offering the award, you can prepare your application directed towards satisfying the requirements of the sponsor, thereby increasing your chances of receiving the scholarship.
  4. Prepare a Good Application Letter: Just like in case of job application letter, here also you need to write a good application letter that can demonstrate your needs. It should be neat and unique in the sense that it should compel the sponsor to consider your application.
  5. Write an Effective Essay : Answers to the questions should be precise and not abstract so that the sponsor realises your needs precisely. Try to use as simple words as you can, to make it simple and readable. Specify examples to illustrate your point.
  6. Consider Deadlines : Set a pre-deadline for yourself so that you can have some buffer time before the actual deadline. Utilize this time to proofread your application, and check for other supporting materials like, documents, recommendation letters, essay, etc before submitting it to the sponsor.
  7. Keep a Backup :It is a good practice to keep a copy of your entire application so that, you can reproduce it in case you loose track of your original application. Check for your name and security number, if any, on every page to avoid problems in case of misplacement of any paper.